11 Health Benefits of Facial treatment that are backed by Science


Facials can be very beneficial for all kinds of skin types and can especially benefit anyone who experiences skin problems such as acne or early signs of skin aging. A facial is recommended at least 4 times a year at the change of season as that is when the skin is the most vulnerable. However, the best results are found when you take the time to get a facial done every month. As more and more people have started to realize the health benefits that facials have they have grown in popularity and the number of choices that you have based on your skin type has also improved. Let us look at some of the health benefits of getting regular facials that have the backing of science.
The following benefits for facials are also mentioned by consultants from aesthetic clinic in singapore but of course the
level of benefits differs from individual due to the difference in skin type

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Lowering of Stress Levels

Today’s world is very fast paced and it can become an impossible task to try and find some time for yourself. However, your physical and mental well-being depends on you pampering yourself at times. Stress can have a negative effect on the skin as well. Facials are a great choice to distress as it gives you the time to unwind and relax. The through massage that is a part of the facial process can be the pick me up that your skin needed. There are also studies that have shown that facial massages can help to reduce negative moods and anxiety.

Treatment of Acne and Its Marks

Having an acne problem is never ideal and having a blemish can be very painful while being unattractive. Movie and magazines have left everyone yearning for the spotless clear skin. This can be possible only if the proper care is taken a facial that is done according to the needs of your skin can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The exfoliating step helps to clear out any pores that are clogged and this can help the oil to flow through the pore. It can also result in the proper absorption of products that are being used which will result in better skin.

Improved Blood Circulation

The massage that is part of the facial can help to get proper blood flow to your face. This will help you look healthy and vigorous. In addition, the flow of oxygen is also increased due to the steam that is given to open the pores.

Helps Prevent the Aging of Skin

As you grow older your skin is more likely to undergo oxidative damage. Skin can also suffer from photodamage as a result of exposure to UV light. Getting a facial done once a month can keep anyone who is already observing skin aging looking younger for longer.

Exfoliate Skin

No matter how good your skin care routine there is always a buildup of dead skin and oils on the top layer. You can always use a mild scrub once in a while but nothing can beat the exfoliation that is done during a facial.

Tightens Up Skin

Skin gets loosened and less defined with age due to the slowing down of the collagen production in your skin. There are certain facials that can help to tighten up the skin and boost the production of collagen.


Facials help to drain the lymphatic system of toxins, wastes and any materials that are unwanted. This can be very helpful in the detoxification of the body.

Increased Absorption

During a facial, the pores are opened which will help with the absorption of any product that you apply to your face.


Many people have very dry skin that needs proper care. A facial can help increase the hydration of your skin.

Provide Expert Care

Experts are in facial treatment in Singapore are present in salons and spas that can help you choose which treatment will be the best for your skin.

Your Eyes Will Thank You

No one likes to have bags and dark circles under your eyes a facial can help reduce the amount of puffiness under your eyes.

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