Misconceptions about using wallpapers

Wallpapers are the new economical option for those who do not want to take the pains of repainting their house or want to keep their purse strings tight. However, despite advanced innovations in the creation of wallpapers, it is still not touted as a great choice when it compared to paints. One of the mains reasons being that there are many misconceptions about wallpapers is because people are opening based on their experience with the out-dated wallpapers. At present, the trends have changed rapidly & wallpaper Singapore manufacturers like Softhome Singapore have focused on the consumer demands.

The following are a few misconceptions that are still influencing and condition the customer sentiments about the wallpapers.

Cumbersome to clean

Cleanliness is part of our everyday hygiene. In many cases, people do not clean their walls and do not remove the moss, moulds, stains and dirt that have been accumulated over a period of time. In addition, any germs and bacteria, which are hidden inside the cracks, are also not flushed out. As a result, you are putting a wallpaper on an already dirty wall. If then claim that cleaning the wallpaper is difficult then it would be because of your own doing.

Before you paste the wallpaper, treat the walls with pesticide and remove all the grime and dirt with a wet cloth. After which, you can apply the adhesive and thin paste the wallpaper. Now, the adhesive is also another factor that is not taken into consideration. If the adhesive is not applied properly, then it will result in an uneven surface. You may be forced to do a redo and waste precious time. If the adhesive leaks or overflows, then dust particles will settle easily and spoil the effect of the wallpaper. You will be staring at dirty wallpaper over a period.

When it comes to cleaning the wallpaper, it entirely depends on the type of wallpaper you are using in which room of your house. Using classic wallpapers or embossed wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom is a bad idea. It will eventually peel off and that too, haphazardly, giving you headaches. However, using Vinyl is the perfect solution for the kitchen and bathroom as it is made of plastic coating and is water resistant. Therefore, a vinyl wallpaper does not need any maintenance in terms of cleaning. For the bedroom, the embossed wallpaper is great choice, because cleaning it does not take any time.

Peeling off wallpaper is painful

There are enough technologies that allow you to remove the wallpapers in one go, and that too without any mess in the aftermath. Nowadays, wallpaper-manufacturing companies provide a paste, which is similar to the adhesive used to paste the wallpaper. All you need to do is apply the paste on the spots that you want removed, allow it to dry and then peel of the wallpaper. Again, here too, it depends on the type of wallpaper you are using. So, consult an expert before selecting the paste. Some wallpapers require more treatment, but the process is not tedious.

Less designs & creativity

Wallpapers available in the market are not the same as your grandmother used to decorate her house. In the recent times, wallpapers are a mix of colours, rich in designs and vary in texture. You have multiple options such as the tradition, vinyl, embossed, fibreglass, lining, mica, glass beads, etc. In fact, many companies offer customised designs and colours as long as you are ready to shell out the dough. Just remember, a wallpapers life cycle is way longer than that of a paint, so consider it as a long term investment.