Proven Tips For Choosing a Good Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

Do you live in Singapore? Do you want to improve your looks and become a better version of yourself?  If yes, you are not alone. You see, there are thousands of men and women in Singapore who want the exact same thing.

While you have the freedom to sign up for skin care treatments or try out any skin care regime, it is wise you visit an aesthetic clinic for consultation with an aesthetic doctor and speak to a certified dermatologist first before making a final decision. Doing this will save you from undergoing a procedure that will do more damage to your looks. Over the years, there have been countless cases of filler treatment and botox treatment that didn’t turn out well. Regardless of the nature of your skin care procedure, if you want it to go through without a hitch, it is important that you choose a good aesthetic clinic.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some effective tips that will help you silence the noise and choose a good aesthetic clinic that will be able to cater to your unique needs.  

Ask for before and after photos

One of the easiest ways to determine if an aesthetic clinic is good at what they do and is reputable is by checking the before and after pictures of their clientele. Looking at the before and after pictures of their previous clients will also help you gauge the competence level of their doctors.

Don’t rely on the images you see on the website of the clinic you want to visit as they may be stock images. Ask to see these photos in person on your very first visit.

Word of mouth recommendation

This is the most effective way to determine if an aesthetic clinic is credible or not. Feel free to ask friends, family members, workmates and other people close to you about their experience with the aesthetic clinics they’ve visited. Ask them if they noticed any notable improvement in their appearance after the procedure and if they are happy and satisfied with their experience with the doctors and staff.  If the clinic can handle their needs, there is a higher possibility that they will be able to cater to your needs as well.

Price, packages and quotes

As previously mentioned, Singapore is home to numerous aesthetic clinics. Opting for the one with the cheapest quote, price or package is not really a good idea as they may not have the equipment and expertise to handle your issue.

When you choose a mediocre clinic for your procedure, there might be a chance that you will have to repeat the procedure sooner than you expected. The obvious reason for this is that they may lack the technical know-how and procedure to handle your case. Choosing a reputable clinic, though with a higher price tag, is the safer and better choice for facial procedures. After all, that is what you want in the first place. It would be a shame to have chosen the wrong clinic and end up having to fork out an even larger amount of money to have the procedure corrected at another clinic.

Choose a respectable doctor

As you probably know aesthetic treatments are usually on the expensive side.  You should be willing to do deep and extensive research to find a good doctor that will be willing to listen to your doubts and answer your questions. Don’t be afraid or shy to share your experiences, fears, and what you want to achieve from the treatment you have opted for.

A good aesthetic doctor should propose a solution that you are comfortable with, have a clear understanding of the areas you want to improve, and make you feel comfortable.

What are the advantages of using vinyl flooring tiles compared to other types of flooring

What are the advantages of using vinyl flooring tiles compared to other types of flooring?

Getting a new home or having home renovation is a great opportunity to plan for the dream home we want. However, it also means that we need to pay attention to so many details, including about flooring. Of course it will not be easy to choose from so many products available out there. But if we are still at the stage of doing comparisons before deciding on what kind of floorings to choose, one type of flooring that is worth to be seriously considered is vinyl flooring tile. Out of so many other flooring types which have been popular before, such as ceramic, laminate, porcelain, wood, and linoleum, to mention just a few, there are good reasons why vinyl flooring tiles are gaining attraction and attention from home owners and becoming more commonly suggested by renovators, contractors or interior designers.

If you are looking for luxury vinyl floor tiles in Singapore, you should check out Goodrich Global Singapore. They carry a large range of designs and types of vinyl tiles and are also the sole distributor for the NOX EcoClick+, a premium luxury vinyl tiles collection. Check out their site for more details.

Here is an article worth reading at Parterre Flooring Systems that might provide some clear comparison between ceramic and vinyl flooring tiles.

Ceramic is no match for vinyl flooring tiles

The comparison of vinyl tile vs. ceramic tile represents yet another instance of luxury vinyl flooring’s ability to masterfully replicate the look of any other flooring system and improve on it. As the technology behind luxury vinyl flooring develops, it becomes less and less distinguishable from the real product. Read more here!


Almost all good features of ceramic can be found in vinyl flooring tiles too, and yet vinyl offers more because it can easily be installed and reinstalled according to current trends. This customizable feature is not available in the case of ceramic, which is a permanent kind of flooring and does not allow for easy reinstallation. Ceramic is also prone to cracking and breaking, while vinyl tile has a higher degree of durability and if a heavy object were to fall on it, it can absorb the force. When we think green also, ceramic is not a material that is recyclable. If we ever decide to remove it, the used ceramic almost has no other place to go but a landfill. Vinyl tile is more environmental friendly when seen from this aspect, because we have options to recycle them, depending on the manufacturer. Another article written by Lee Wallender at The Spruce about laminate flooring should give us more confidence to choose vinyl tiles.

Vinyl flooring has extra points to offer than laminate flooring

But the real deciding factor is moisture. Vinyl flooring decidedly beats laminate in its performance in wet places. Even in better homes where you would not expect to find vinyl flooring, exceptions are made for bathrooms. Read more here!

At the base of the differences between vinyl flooring tile and laminate wood is the core material itself, because vinyl flooring are 100% plastic, while laminate flooring is 99% wood. This is why vinyl flooring is more flexible to put in any space, including kitchen and bathrooms due to its moisture resistance feature. The cost of both is comparable and should not be much an issue, similar to installation process albeit some extra works and tools are needed for installing laminate wood such as foam moisture underlayment and the sawing process. In terms of comfort of course the advantage goes to laminate wood, but some tips and techniques during installation of vinyl tile can help to reduce the feel of hardness and coldness of the vinyl flooring. If we care about the environment, maybe it is worth to note that modern vinyl flooring has good environmental record for LEED credit compared to its predecessor. With these extra and at least comparable points for vinyl flooring tile, there is no reason why it should not be seriously considered for our home. The next article by Karin Beuerlein at HGTV is on the comparison between vinyl flooring tile and other types of tile materials.

Comparison of other tile materials with vinyl tile

Vinyl or synthetic tiles are a cost-effective solution for homeowners on a tight budget. Their resilient, bendable material comes in various sizes — one of the most common being 12″ x 12″ — and because they are manufactured, virtually any pattern or color can be created. Read more here!

There are many types of materials used in the production of flooring tiles, among them porcelain, glass, concrete, marble, granite, engineered stone, terrazzo and terra cotta. These natural materials are known to be beautiful, because they reflect nature itself, but the price is higher than what synthetic vinyl can offer. The installation process of vinyl is also easier due to its resiliency compared to natural materials which is more prone to break and crack. Vinyl flooring tiles can also be installed on other materials more quickly, so we do not need to demolish first to make concrete base for example. In conclusion, there are many advantages of vinyl flooring tile compared to other types of floorings in the market. Some light has already been thrown here to narrow down the time-consuming search of flooring types for our dream homes. The next step now is to decide.

How do we install wallpaper and what are the pitfalls we can avoid during installation

How do we install wallpaper and what are the pitfalls we can avoid?

We know that installing wallpaper has become less arduous compared to previous years due to innovation in wallpaper industries, but somehow the process of installing it still requires careful attention, good eyes and some degree of expertise to reach the professional perfection. If we choose to do it ourselves, it is best to be aware of the common mistakes that we do not wish to see at the end, such as wrongly matched patterns, patterns go upside-down, air bubbles behind the wallpaper, and numerous other problems. Hence, if we are not too sure whether we can do it right, just put aside our pride and excitement for a while. The best step is to consult those who have experience installing wallpaper so he or she can share with you the common problems that might exists in the course of installation, and also to guide you on how to avoid them. You can also resort to watching many useful YouTube videos online before actually starting.

If you are looking for a quality wallpaper supplier in Singapore, you should check out Goodrich Global Singapore. They have a wide range of wallpapers and wallcoverings, and also other furniture items such as carpets, vinyl tiles, and eco-flooring. You should check out their website above.

Here is an article worth reading at Right Estate Agents that might provide some great tips on installation of wallpaper.

Make sure the wall is clean and flat before installing wallpaper

If you are going to be using wallpaper, you need to make sure the walls are completely clean, flat and undamaged before you start. When it comes to redecorating, wallpaper can be quite hard to get off as well, so this is something to consider. Read more here!

Depending on the conditions of the wall on which we will be hanging the wallpaper, we must allocate enough time to clean it, make it really flat and zero-damaged before continuing with installation. The reason why we must do this is to avoid the wallpaper to become torn or loose easily, and also to avoid sealing air bubbles underneath it. Both problems can cause the wallpaper to come off, look very amateur and become sore to the eyes instead of appealing. Not only that, we must know how to use adhesive wisely to avoid seam opening or excessive application of it. Using blunt blade is also a big no because it can cause tears when trimming. This is easier said than done but not impossible as long as we stay patient and passionate about doing it right. Here is another article written by the team at Interior Drywall Solutions to consider on the same topic.

Avoid using wallpaper in washrooms & kitchens

However, don’t forget that wallpapers don’t work well in spaces that are humid. Thus, avoid using them in washrooms and kitchens. As the water and steam may cause the paper to wear out. It’s best to use tiles and plaster for such spaces. Read more here!

Certain rooms and spaces are meant for wallpapers. It is common to find wallpapers in the living room and bedroom. Some even put them in the dressing room next to the main bedroom. The size of room also does not hamper anyone to make their choice, because for darker and smaller rooms there are always bigger patterns or digital prints to choose from. Bigger rooms are suitable with smaller and repetitive patterns because hanging such patterns will not make the room feel too suffocating instead of putting it in small areas. But there is a line to draw when it comes to washrooms and kitchens where the activities might involve use of water and other liquid ingredients. Of course, it depends on how we are going to hang the wallpaper. Maybe if it is only in the form of frieze or stripe, it can still be considered. The following article at Interior Mantra adds another installation tips.

Allow some time before the final installation step

If your walls are damaged then it is advisable to apply Spackle first and leave it for about 20-24 hr. Another important thing is applying primer paint before painting you are going to use dark color paint. Overall paint requires less preparation time than installing wallpapers. Read more here!

Once again it is very important to stress about patience during the preparation step. In some cases when damage to the wall cannot be avoided due to removal of old wallpaper, we can use a technique called spackling to cover any holes, cracks, dents or other imperfections on the wall. However, after using spackling compound the wall must be left for about 20 to 24 hours before it can eventually be ready for papering. This is because if the spackling compound is still wet, it can interfere with the wallpaper installation that also requires adhesive to be applied.

To conclude, if we have passion and patience, we can achieve anything. In the end, it is all about a dream home that we have been longing to own for several years. Wallpapering demands certain cost, time and energy on our part, but it is going to be worth all the hassles when our eyes feast on the stunning beauty of the patterns and textures.

Solving Hyperhidrosis with Botox Can Improve Your Quality of Life

If you suffer from excessive sweating, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating under the arms that is unrelated to the weather or your environment. This condition can cause you extreme discomfort and is often embarrassing for those who suffer from it. However, there are excellent Hyperhidrosis treatment options available. If you believe you are suffering from hyperhidrosis, you can learn more about the condition and treatment options below.

How Hyperhidrosis Can Cause Embarrassment and Discomfort

If you have trouble with excessive sweating, you may also struggle with body odor concerns, sweat stains on your clothes, and an overall anxiety about how you appear to others. Hyperhidrosis can lead to uncompromising quality of life constraints. You may find it challenging to begin romantic relationships because of your anxieties. You may also limit your social interactions for the same reason. Overall, you may regularly feel embarrassed and suffer from low self-confidence. Hyperhidrosis is far more common than you may think. It affects a large number of people worldwide. Left untreated, it can continue indefinitely. Thankfully, however, there are excellent treatment options available.

How Botox Helps

Perhaps the best treatment available is Botox. A series of Botox injections under the arm paralyzes the nerves that cause you to sweat, which reduces the amount you sweat more than ninety percent! The procedure involves a doctor making multiple injections under your arm with a very fine needle. The fineness of the needle reduces discomfort. Most patients experience only a slight sting during the process. Typically, the treatment lasts for six months, at which point you can return to the doctor to repeat the procedure. This can continue indefinitely. Side effects of Botox are rare, and there is minimal downtime from the procedure. You can resume your normal daily activities as early as the following day.

What to Do Next

If a Botox treatment for your hyperhidrosis sounds like the right choice for you, you should begin researching the best available doctors and clinics in your area. Although Botox injections are safe and very successful, it is essential to know that not all treatments are the same. You should find a doctor with experience in the process and in treating your specific condition.To maximise your comfort and minimise your anxiety, an aesthetic clinic may be the best option for you. Aesthetic clinics specialize in offering high-quality treatment combined with a relaxing atmosphere that can relieve you of tension before you begin the treatment process. They also provide complete discretion, which may understandably be a particular concern for you.

Excessive sweating can cause serious worry and stress in your everyday life. For numerous reasons, it can lower your overall sense of happiness and contentment. However, there is no need for you to suffer from this condition any longer. Treatment options are available and very successful. In particular, Botox can offer you long-term relief with a minimum of discomfort and downtime. You should seek a doctor or clinic like iyac aesthetic clinc that not only offers you the treatment you need but also an environment that is comfortable and discreet so that any anxiety about beginning your Botox treatment is relieved. Finding a clinic that focuses on your relieving you of stress as soon as you walk in the door may be the best option for you. Ultimately, you deserve a treatment that is safe and above all effective. While there is no for hyperhidrosis, Botox can offer you a repeatable biannual treatment option that can allow you to return to life without any symptoms. You deserve a life without fear of body odor, sweat stains, and embarrassing sweating, and Botox for hyperhidrosis is often an effective solution.

Finding the right aesthetic and anti-aging clinic in Singapore


If you are looking for a high-quality, safe aesthetic clinic in Singapore like IYAC, there are a few things that you should consider when making your choice. You are likely looking for a clinic that will not give you the hard-sell and instead will listen to your needs and help you select the services that appeal most to you. When choosing an anti-aging clinic, you should consider the following factors when making your decision:

Experience: It is important to research any clinic before turning to them for sensitive procedures like Botox, chemical peels, laser treatments, and other services. You should research their reputation, read reviews, and ensure that they have the capability to provide the services you are looking for. It is also important to research the credentials of the doctors on staff before allowing them to perform any procedure on you. How many of these procedures have the performed in the past? What are their educational credentials and qualifications? You don’t want an inexperienced or apathetic doctor performing these highly-skilled procedures, no matter how invasive or non-invasive they may be.

Approach: Do they listen to your specific needs and desires? Far too many clinics simply push their preferred services onto clients without taking into consideration what is best for them or what they are specifically looking for. Look for a clinic that is willing to work with you to develop a detailed plan of services that fits your needs.

Cost: When it comes to anti-aging services, cost is an understandable concern for any patient. While it is not a good idea to go bargain shopping for such delicate procedures, it is important to find a clinic that has fair and reasonable rates for their services.

Discretion: You want to select a clinic that practises the highest levels of discretion when it comes to their clientele. Seek clinics that offer a comfortable, relaxed, yet discreet environment for your peace of mind. If you are looking for the highest-quality anti-aging treatments, from laser treatments, skin-tightening and injectable treatments to skin smoothing peels and clinical facials, you have many different clinics to choose from in Singapore.

You want a clinic that understand the needs of its clients and provides a listening ear to each and every person who enters its doors. You don’t want doctors who are interested in selling you a treatment that you don’t need or want, so you should seek a practitioner who will work with you to develop a customised treatment plan to help you get the results that you are looking for. In addition, you want a clinic that prides itself on providing safe procedures in a comfortable and discreet atmosphere. The safety and comfort of the patients should come first, so only choose a clinic that uses reliable medical technology that we have personally tested on.

To learn more about a clinics procedures and experience, you can either do a simple online search or can call and schedule a consultation and tour of the clinic ahead of time. A knowledgeable member of their staff will likely be able to sit down with you and review the menu of anti-aging treatments that the clinic offers, and can take you on a tour of the facilities. That way, you can be sure that the clinic you have chosen is committed to helping every client find the happiness and increased self-esteem that they deserve, and is ready to do so for you.

How Botox Cures Hyperhidrosis


The need for practical, lasting hyperhidrosis treatment is more common than you may think. Many aesthetic clinics like IYAC Singapore have many specialized botox treatments to treat this problem. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While the severity varies from person to person, the condition can cause extreme discomfort and embarrassment. It may be crippling your personal and professional life. Thankfully, there are very effective treatments for this condition, including Botox for hyperhidrosis. Many of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore offer Botox for people suffering from hyperhidrosis. If you suffer from this embarrassing condition, you should continue reading to find out more about the effective treatments that may be available to you.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which you sweat excessively, particularly under the arms. Individuals who are afflicted with hyperhidrosis often take drastic measures to conceal it. From specialty soaps to medicated deodorant sticks, to wearing jackets and sweaters to hide sweat stains, it can be exhausting, expensive, and uncomfortable to deal with the condition. While hyperhidrosis affects millions of people, very few actually see a doctor about it, despite the excellent and effective treatments that are available.

Are you the right candidate?

Those who suffer from hyperhidrosis share a few characteristics:

  • Excessive sweating, particularly under the arms
  • Sweating regardless of temperature or environment
  • Sweating regardless of emotional state
  • Sweating often, usually at least once a week
  • Condition usually begins in adolescence and continues

If all of the above apply to you, then it is very likely you have hyperhidrosis. In that case, treating the condition with Botox could be very effective.

How does Botox help?

Botox works by paralyzing the nerves under your arms. This reduces your sweating by more than 90 per cent. The procedure is straightforward and requires very little downtime. An anesthetic cream is spread over the region where the injections will take place. A very fine needle is used to reduce your discomfort further. After the injections are complete, you should see results within a week. Botox is one of the most preferred treatments for hyperhidrosis because of its long-last effects. Once administered, the therapy can remain effective for six months. Regular biannual treatments can remove the risk of the condition recurring and cause any further embarrassment.

Where to go for treatment?

Many clinics in Singapore can treat your hyperhidrosis. When seeking treatment, you should look for a practitioner who is experienced in treating the condition and in administering Botox injections. While Botox injections are safe and side effects are rare, your best possible treatment will come from those who know the condition and the procedure well. You may also want to make sure the doctor provides a relaxing setting and has a reputation for providing quality care. This would include having a staff that is sensitive to your concerns and anxieties, and that is eager to answer all your questions. Although most people with hyperhidrosis do not seek treatment, you do not have to keep living with this condition. High quality and effective treatment are available, and results can be seen quickly. You could be saying goodbye to your old anxieties about odour and sweat within weeks if you begin the process of diagnosis and treatment now. Your happiness is often largely reliant upon how well you can interact with others without fear of embarrassment. With the right treatment, you could begin getting closer to your friends, romantic partners, and business colleagues without any of your old worries.

11 Health Benefits of Facial treatment that are backed by Science


Facials can be very beneficial for all kinds of skin types and can especially benefit anyone who experiences skin problems such as acne or early signs of skin aging. A facial is recommended at least 4 times a year at the change of season as that is when the skin is the most vulnerable. However, the best results are found when you take the time to get a facial done every month. As more and more people have started to realize the health benefits that facials have they have grown in popularity and the number of choices that you have based on your skin type has also improved. Let us look at some of the health benefits of getting regular facials that have the backing of science.
The following benefits for facials are also mentioned by consultants from aesthetic clinic in singapore but of course the
level of benefits differs from individual due to the difference in skin type

If you wish seek professional advice on the type of facial treatment that suits your skin type, it is best to approach an aesthetic clinic like IYAC  aesthetic and anti aging clinic for help.

Lowering of Stress Levels

Today’s world is very fast paced and it can become an impossible task to try and find some time for yourself. However, your physical and mental well-being depends on you pampering yourself at times. Stress can have a negative effect on the skin as well. Facials are a great choice to distress as it gives you the time to unwind and relax. The through massage that is a part of the facial process can be the pick me up that your skin needed. There are also studies that have shown that facial massages can help to reduce negative moods and anxiety.

Treatment of Acne and Its Marks

Having an acne problem is never ideal and having a blemish can be very painful while being unattractive. Movie and magazines have left everyone yearning for the spotless clear skin. This can be possible only if the proper care is taken a facial that is done according to the needs of your skin can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The exfoliating step helps to clear out any pores that are clogged and this can help the oil to flow through the pore. It can also result in the proper absorption of products that are being used which will result in better skin.

Improved Blood Circulation

The massage that is part of the facial can help to get proper blood flow to your face. This will help you look healthy and vigorous. In addition, the flow of oxygen is also increased due to the steam that is given to open the pores.

Helps Prevent the Aging of Skin

As you grow older your skin is more likely to undergo oxidative damage. Skin can also suffer from photodamage as a result of exposure to UV light. Getting a facial done once a month can keep anyone who is already observing skin aging looking younger for longer.

Exfoliate Skin

No matter how good your skin care routine there is always a buildup of dead skin and oils on the top layer. You can always use a mild scrub once in a while but nothing can beat the exfoliation that is done during a facial.

Tightens Up Skin

Skin gets loosened and less defined with age due to the slowing down of the collagen production in your skin. There are certain facials that can help to tighten up the skin and boost the production of collagen.


Facials help to drain the lymphatic system of toxins, wastes and any materials that are unwanted. This can be very helpful in the detoxification of the body.

Increased Absorption

During a facial, the pores are opened which will help with the absorption of any product that you apply to your face.


Many people have very dry skin that needs proper care. A facial can help increase the hydration of your skin.

Provide Expert Care

Experts are in facial treatment in Singapore are present in salons and spas that can help you choose which treatment will be the best for your skin.

Your Eyes Will Thank You

No one likes to have bags and dark circles under your eyes a facial can help reduce the amount of puffiness under your eyes.

Bridal Programmes you Need to Try Out


You wedding day is one of the milestone days in your life. It comes as no surprise that you want to look your absolute best on this day. Exclusive Bridal programs are now a huge trend amongst to be brides for this reason.


These programs provide packages not just for the bride but for their close ones like mothers and the groom too.  The programs aim to make you look and feel perfect for your D-day.


The various packages for you to choose from


Bridal packages cover the requirements of the entire body and, it ensures that all the essentials are catered to. Depending on the services you choose, customized packages are available to accommodate all your needs.


The most important part of any package is the face of course. Hydrating your skin using treatments like the oxygen facials to give you that youthful glow. These facials can be combined with other rejuvenating facials to boost your skin with vitamins and naturals to keep it smooth and bright.


Some even opt for laser skin treatment to get rid of dead cells and tighten the skin and give it an even skin tone. These can be coupled with non-surgical anti aging treatments for your mothers to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.


There are packages that feature injectable treatments too. Botox in Singapore is one such option where the face is injected to tighten the skin, clear fine lines and give a smooth texture to your face.


Fillers are the other injectable option that adds the lost volume and give that ideal plump to your face. They also fill up the layers below the skin to eliminate wrinkles and to give a refined skin structure.


Chemical peels make it to these packages for obvious reasons. All of us want clear and glowing skin on our wedding day. Peels remove all signs of pigmentation or aging and give you visibly younger looking skin.


Relaxing massages with oxygen boosters and botanicals products are also part of packages. These massages keep you relaxed and, they also hydrate and moisturize your skin.


Preparation and timeframe


These package treatments are available in some of the best aesthetic clinics of Singapore and start as early as 4-6 months prior to the wedding to ensure perfection and detailing. Both the bride and groom can use them with services for mothers also taken care of.


An overall beauty and skin care treatment to help you prep for you wedding day does not seem like a bad idea at all as the rates depend on the things you choose and since it’s a combination, you can bag some pretty good deals.

Body Sculpting


Body Sculpting is a procedure to target stubborn fat growth areas and eliminating these bulges giving you a toned figure. Many people opt for sculpting techniques to get rid of fats that have been difficult to shed over the years. Laser skin treatment in Singapore is a popular go-to process to achieve these results.


A sculpted figure boosts your confidence and self esteem which in turn results in better lifestyle choices and progress. It makes you more health conscious, as you would want to maintain the new toned body.


What are the various types of treatment available to choose from?


The main idea behind body sculpting is to target fatty areas and eliminate them. It is a non-surgical procedure that uses different treatment procedures to break down the excess fat and gets rid of the flab.


The types of techniques vary based on the working conditions and methods incorporated. These are namely heat treatment or cold treatment based on working conditions and the methods used are laser treatments and ultrasounds.


Cool sculpting


This is one of the techniques that use low temperatures to target fat. The target area is placed between two cold plates that freeze these layers. Gradually, the fat shrinks away with time as deep-freezing the fat cells kills them.




The working principle is similar to cold sculpting the only difference being here the working element is heat. A laser light is reflected into the target area to damage the fat cells. Fat cells cannot withstand high temperatures and die over a period of time.




Another sculpting technique that involves higher working temperatures as it uses ultrasound waves to melt the fat. This treatment gives quick results as the high intensity waves focus on the fat cells and kills them immediately.




This is another ultrasound technique that uses shockwaves to destroy cell walls and releases the fats that are processed by the liver and then is eliminated naturally by the body.




The treatment uses radio frequencies to melt the fat cells. Mainly used to target abdominal fat and this is not as popular as other treatments.


The healing period and results


Body sculpting techniques are not immediate. It takes a couple of months to see results. Although the fat cells stop regenerating after the procedure, the death of fat cells is a gradual age related process.


The results of body sculpting are permanent but do not guarantee that there will be no regrowth of fat. This solely depends on your daily routine and fitness regime.




Laser Skin Treatments

A laser is basically a very powerful source of light. This high intensity light is focused on your face during skin treatment procedures. Aging is a gradual but definite process among st everybody.


Over the years, you will see development of wrinkles and fine lines. Due to exposure to environmental conditions and sun, pigmentation and spots also develop. Dark circles and loosening up of skin are also signs of aging.




Laser skin treatment basically involves peeling of skin layer by layer. A high intensity beam is focused and it is extremely accurate. This beam vaporizes the skin precisely, layer by layer to treat skin issues.


Ablating the layers will result in clearer and blemish free skin. This is because, during the healing period, new cells are born that give the skin a much younger look and feel and better surface finish.


Laser Resurfacing


One of the most common procedures is Laser Resurfacing. It is mainly to correct age related facial issues. The focused beam removes the irregular skin layers and gives you a smooth finish. Post healing, you can see that the new skin gives you a much younger glow and tighter skin.

This treatment removes wrinkles and fine lines. Tightened and brighter skin is a result of the laser beam precision.


Types of lasers


Cosmetic purpose lasers are broadly classified into two types based on their working mechanism, namely- ablative and non-ablative.


Ablative lasers as the name suggests eliminates layers so that the healing procedure forms smooth and younger looking skin. Non-ablative lasers do not destroy the tissues but only heat the targeted cells for desired results.


Ablative Lasers


To fight intense signs of aging like scars, deep set wrinkles, sagging skin and warts, carbon dioxide laser treatment is used.


Erbium laser treatment is used for aging patters like fine lines, sunspots and pigmentations that are not very intense.


Non-ablative Lasers


These lasers are used for treatments like hair removal, very fine age lines, stretch marks and mild pigmentation.

Non- laser methods


Treatments like infrared light and intense pulsed light techniques can also be used for elimination of mild to moderate signs of aging.


Results of laser treatments


Laser skin treatment removes unwanted hair and scars. Along with this, it eliminates signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, age spots and dark circles.


Laser also corrects damage done by environmental conditions like sunspots, uneven skin coloration and dry skin.