Misconceptions about using wallpapers

Wallpapers are the new economical option for those who do not want to take the pains of repainting their house or want to keep their purse strings tight. However, despite advanced innovations in the creation of wallpapers, it is still not touted as a great choice when it compared to paints. One of the mains reasons being that there are many misconceptions about wallpapers is because people are opining based on their experience with the out-dated wallpapers. At present, the trends have changed rapidly & wallpaper Singapore manufacturers have focused on the consumer demands. The following are a few misconceptions that are still influencing and condition the customer sentiments about the wallpapers.

Cumbersome to clean

Cleanliness is part of our everyday hygiene. In many cases, people do not clean their walls and do not remove the moss, moulds, stains and dirt that have been accumulated over a period of time. In addition, any germs and bacteria, which are hidden inside the cracks, are also not flushed out. As a result, you are putting a wallpaper on an already dirty wall. If then claim that cleaning the wallpaper is difficult then it would be because of your own doing.

Before you paste the wallpaper, treat the walls with pesticide and remove all the grime and dirt with a wet cloth. After which, you can apply the adhesive and thin paste the wallpaper. Now, the adhesive is also another factor that is not taken into consideration. If the adhesive is not applied properly, then it will result in an uneven surface. You may be forced to do a redo and waste precious time. If the adhesive leaks or overflows, then dust particles will settle easily and spoil the effect of the wallpaper. You will be staring at dirty wallpaper over a period.

When it comes to cleaning the wallpaper, it entirely depends on the type of wallpaper you are using in which room of your house. Using classic wallpapers or embossed wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom is a bad idea. It will eventually peel off and that too, haphazardly, giving you headaches. However, using Vinyl is the perfect solution for the kitchen and bathroom as it is made of plastic coating and is water resistant. Therefore, a vinyl wallpaper does not need any maintenance in terms of cleaning. For the bedroom, the embossed wallpaper is great choice, because cleaning it does not take any time.

Peeling off wallpaper is painful

There are enough technologies that allow you to remove the wallpapers in one go, and that too without any mess in the aftermath. Nowadays, wallpaper-manufacturing companies provide a paste, which is similar to the adhesive used to paste the wallpaper. All you need to do is apply the paste on the spots that you want removed, allow it to dry and then peel of the wallpaper. Again, here too, it depends on the type of wallpaper you are using. So, consult an expert before selecting the paste. Some wallpapers require more treatment, but the process is not tedious.

Less designs & creativity

Wallpapers available in the market are not the same as your grandmother used to decorate her house. In the recent times, wallpapers are a mix of colours, rich in designs and vary in texture. You have multiple options such as the tradition, vinyl, embossed, fibreglass, lining, mica, glass beads, etc. In fact, many companies offer customised designs and colours as long as you are ready to shell out the dough. Just remember, a wallpapers life cycle is way longer than that of a paint, so consider it as a long term investment.

Choosing the best tile for your kitchen

Kitchens are one of the comfort zones in a house. Family members come together to eat or cook through the day. When you are tiling your kitchen with floor tiles singapore , it is crucial that you plan well in advance. Interestingly, after the bathroom, which you tile based on your sense of adventurous colours; the kitchen is another place where you can explore your sense of fun! However, you need at least three types of tiles in the kitchen – floor, counter top and backsplash. Therefore, here are few tips that will give direction in how to choose the best tile for your kitchen.

For the floor

The kitchen floor is a victim of a lot of spills, scratches and even dents. Dropping a vessel hard on the floor, spilling milk or any other item that stains the floor or even scratches due to dog paws or children using any sharp objects are all common sights that take place in any kitchen.

The only way to ensure that the tile installed is resilient to all these hazards is by investing in right type of tile. Porcelain tiles are the best option for the floors as they are durable, can be cleaned easily and are skid-free. The alternative to this is getting natural stone tiles, which are also a good option. You can refer to a few good companies such as to get a better idea.

Apart from this, keep in mind that the tiles should have low porosity. The advantage of choosing low porosity is that it absorbs any spills or odour and can be cleaned very easily. Since it is acceptable that cooking does lead to minor and major spills, it is always best to buy low porosity tiles.

In addition, waterproofing is essential before investing in a tile. Installing tiles without waterproofing is counterproductive. Once you finish waterproofing, do ponding to check if the water is leaking further down. Moreover, the grout in the kitchen floor should be directed in such a way that it leads to the drain or to the exit.

For the countertops

Countertops face the maximum amount of wear and tear, as they constantly become the victim of knives, spills, sticky liquids and even the dents from vessels dropping. Ceramic tile is used but is not popular because of its tendency to crack or chip off when something heavy is dropped on it.

One of the most popular tiles used in the kitchens are granite tiles. These tiles have a mottled surface making it easy to cover any dirt and even scratch marks. In addition, choosing dark colours is advisable as it adds to the elegance of the kitchen.

While granite tiles are easy to maintain, every year, it must be sealed so that it remains attached to the countertop.

The alternative is quartz tile, which offers better quality, does not need to be sealed every year and comes in various colours. In addition, quartz tiles are non-porous which means, that you will never have to fear bacteria being stuck on the edges or under the surface. The only disadvantage is that while it may be cheaper than granite tiles, it is difficult to repair a quartz tile, once it is broken.

For the backsplash

Kitchen backsplash tiles are fun as you are choosing from a variety of colours, different textures, shapes and sizes. You need to keep in the mind that the colour combination and material should complement the overall design of the kitchen. Jarring colours and unflattering material can only be ineffectual as it is a turn off. Just remember, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are better options than granite or mosaic tiles.

Why You Must Choose Ceramic Tiles Over Marble Tiles


In an era where interior designing is as important as the success of a company, been informed about the latest styles are essential. As the number of material used for tiling houses and office spaces is increasing drastically, been confused about the different types of tiles material is more common than you think. Kitchen tiles have provided great supply to the high demand for ceramic tiles.


Being traditional is not wrong, but newer options must be tried before making a decision. Some of the reasons why you must choose ceramic tiles over marble tiles or any other type of tiles can be based on these aspects.


  1. As ceramic tiles are famous for their toughness, durability is ensured. They have high resistance to heat and water. This helps keep the tiles intact for a long period of time, increasing its lifespan.
  2. Simplicity for the installation is a compelling thought you must give after the purchase of the tiles. You need not hired expensive, professional person to install it for you. Marble tiles, on the other hand, require a professional manual labor.
  3. Marble tiles tend to get cracks along the gaps between tiles which are sealed with cement or other joining materials. This requires periodic sealing of such gaps from further hampering the installation.
  4. Marble tiles can easily chip or have scratches on the surface. Due to the tough property of ceramics, it cannot be cracked. In ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles do not show discoloring when the tile chips. Re-installation is highly unlikely in the case of ceramic tiles. In the minor chance of such an incident, ceramic tiles can be replaced without destroying the complete installation. While uprooting a broken marble tile, chances of damaging the adjacent tiles are possible.
  5. The maintenance for ceramic tiles is low and easy as compared to marble tiles due to the glazed coat on the ceramic tiles. It is easy to wipe, sweep or even vacuum on a daily basis. Easy cleaning is the way to go for tiles where the most attention is required tin keeping it spike and span.
  6. Long-term returns – Tiles are an investment which you put great thought into while making a purchase. Due to the vast variety of shapes, sizes, and quality of ceramic tiles, it is sometimes discouraging if the price is a bit out of range. It is still cost effect than marble tiles. You may see it as an immediate problem but with an investment in this type of tiles, you are sure to enjoy the long term value it stands to add to your property.


Ceramics are one of the most preferred tiles in the market. With all the positive reviews to back it up, you can be assured quality home décor for your household.

Benefits Of Using Ceramic Tiles



‘Never judge a book by its cover’ is a famous saying. Indeed, you look at a house or office and form opinions based on the interior rather than the exterior. Every room needs to be designed with care and thought. Especially the room which requires the most maintenance on a regular basis, the kitchen! There are a wide range of kitchen tiles Singapore that you can choose from, but the best kind is ceramic. The benefits are many as compared to other textures of tiles.


1)    Water resistance

Glazed ceramic tiles are made with a protective layer that covers the material, preventing water from penetrating into the tiles itself. It was also very effective in keeping stains from permanently discoloring or staining the kitchen tiles. With the current weather conditions, extreme climatic changes can easily damage tiles, but ceramic tiles are naturally more resistant to such changes. It is very useful for moist environments like kitchens, bathrooms and even swimming pools.


2)    Durability

Ceramic tiles are incredibly tough and cannot be cracked easily. Even in a rare situation of a cracked tile, it can be easily replaced without disturbing the other tiles. Such a crack can only reason from a severe impact. If these tiles are well planned and laid, they can last up to 20 years or longer with regular maintenance. Kitchen tiles in Singapore has proved to be a forerunner in durability and quality.


3)    Maintaining made easy

Regular wiping, mopping or vacuuming is all you need to do to ensure the tiles look as good as new and last you decades to come. Liquids, dust, and stains can be cleaned with ease. In the case of tough stains, you can use heavy duty cleaning detergent or solutions with causing any damage to the tiles.


4)    Health benefits

As the material of the tiles is ceramic, which is a solid surface, dust, pollen, and other allergens cannot easily settle on it. Even if it does, it can be wiped off or cleaned with a sponge. This keeps the household free from airborne diseases which can affect asthmatic patients or cause irritation to the skin. Due to its water resistant nature, molds cannot breed in such places. they are known for setting the trend with eco-friendly ideas.


Every day as you walk into your perfectly designed kitchen, you would look forward to spending time in this area of the house.


Bridal Programmes you Need to Try Out


You wedding day is one of the milestone days in your life. It comes as no surprise that you want to look your absolute best on this day. Exclusive Bridal programs are now a huge trend amongst to be brides for this reason.


These programs provide packages not just for the bride but for their close ones like mothers and the groom too.  The programs aim to make you look and feel perfect for your D-day.


The various packages for you to choose from


Bridal packages cover the requirements of the entire body and, it ensures that all the essentials are catered to. Depending on the services you choose, customized packages are available to accommodate all your needs.


The most important part of any package is the face of course. Hydrating your skin using treatments like the oxygen facials to give you that youthful glow. These facials can be combined with other rejuvenating facials to boost your skin with vitamins and naturals to keep it smooth and bright.


Some even opt for laser skin treatment to get rid of dead cells and tighten the skin and give it an even skin tone. These can be coupled with non-surgical anti aging treatments for your mothers to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.


There are packages that feature injectable treatments too. Botox in Singapore is one such option where the face is injected to tighten the skin, clear fine lines and give a smooth texture to your face.


Fillers are the other injectable option that adds the lost volume and give that ideal plump to your face. They also fill up the layers below the skin to eliminate wrinkles and to give a refined skin structure.


Chemical peels make it to these packages for obvious reasons. All of us want clear and glowing skin on our wedding day. Peels remove all signs of pigmentation or aging and give you visibly younger looking skin.


Relaxing massages with oxygen boosters and botanicals products are also part of packages. These massages keep you relaxed and, they also hydrate and moisturize your skin.


Preparation and timeframe


These package treatments are available in some of the best aesthetic clinics of Singapore and start as early as 4-6 months prior to the wedding to ensure perfection and detailing. Both the bride and groom can use them with services for mothers also taken care of.


An overall beauty and skin care treatment to help you prep for you wedding day does not seem like a bad idea at all as the rates depend on the things you choose and since it’s a combination, you can bag some pretty good deals.

Body Sculpting


Body Sculpting is a procedure to target stubborn fat growth areas and eliminating these bulges giving you a toned figure. Many people opt for sculpting techniques to get rid of fats that have been difficult to shed over the years. Laser skin treatment in Singapore is a popular go-to process to achieve these results.


A sculpted figure boosts your confidence and self esteem which in turn results in better lifestyle choices and progress. It makes you more health conscious, as you would want to maintain the new toned body.


What are the various types of treatment available to choose from?


The main idea behind body sculpting is to target fatty areas and eliminate them. It is a non-surgical procedure that uses different treatment procedures to break down the excess fat and gets rid of the flab.


The types of techniques vary based on the working conditions and methods incorporated. These are namely heat treatment or cold treatment based on working conditions and the methods used are laser treatments and ultrasounds.


Cool sculpting


This is one of the techniques that use low temperatures to target fat. The target area is placed between two cold plates that freeze these layers. Gradually, the fat shrinks away with time as deep-freezing the fat cells kills them.




The working principle is similar to cold sculpting the only difference being here the working element is heat. A laser light is reflected into the target area to damage the fat cells. Fat cells cannot withstand high temperatures and die over a period of time.




Another sculpting technique that involves higher working temperatures as it uses ultrasound waves to melt the fat. This treatment gives quick results as the high intensity waves focus on the fat cells and kills them immediately.




This is another ultrasound technique that uses shockwaves to destroy cell walls and releases the fats that are processed by the liver and then is eliminated naturally by the body.




The treatment uses radio frequencies to melt the fat cells. Mainly used to target abdominal fat and this is not as popular as other treatments.


The healing period and results


Body sculpting techniques are not immediate. It takes a couple of months to see results. Although the fat cells stop regenerating after the procedure, the death of fat cells is a gradual age related process.


The results of body sculpting are permanent but do not guarantee that there will be no regrowth of fat. This solely depends on your daily routine and fitness regime.




Points to remember while opting for interior wall cladding 

Wall cladding brings a whole new dimension to your room and uplifts its look. It is becoming quite a trend in Singapore with a variety of textures available in the market. If you are planning to renovate your room, it is important that you make a note of these points.

  1. Pay importance to texture

It is the texture of the wall cladding that changes the look of the room. There are many wall cladding material options like wood, stone, tiles etc that provide the texture. Each material also has a variety of options of size, type, colour, pattern, etc. Think of the character of the room, the furniture available (if you don’t plan to change your furniture that is), and then see which texture will suit it the most. Though it is important to follow trends, it needs to be something that goes with your room.

  1. Attention to furniture

Wall cladding attracts all attention to itself but if the room’s décor doesn’t match it, it will be a sore in the eye. If you plan to retain the furniture choose the cladding matching it. If you plan to change furniture, make sure the colour combination and all other elements are in sync with each other.

  1. No obstruction

Wall cladding automatically draws all eyes to it. Try to therefore keep the wall clean; don’t clutter it with wall decoration, just a few is all that should go up. Don’t block it with furniture; place it in such a way that most of the wall is visible.

  1. Don’t overdo it

You’ve seen a texture you love and in your excitement want to fill your walls with it? That may not be a good idea. Wall cladding looks best if it’s on a single wall as that is what makes it stand out. If it’s there on all the walls, it might dominate your room; making it appear smaller than it is.

  1. Maintain balance

While it’s great to have contrasting colours in your room, maintaining a balance is of utmost importance. There needs to be harmony in the colour usage and the feel of the room; therefore avoid a stark contrast, too many textures in the room. If there’s a lot of work on the furniture in the room, choose the texture for the wall cladding accordingly. It should not create a visual barrier; rather the wall cladding should complement it.

Housing is terribly expensive in Singapore; that means for most people the size of their rooms are average. The texture should also be selected based on this fact. If all these points are kept in mind, a beautiful room is assured!

Laser Skin Treatments

A laser is basically a very powerful source of light. This high intensity light is focused on your face during skin treatment procedures. Aging is a gradual but definite process among st everybody.


Over the years, you will see development of wrinkles and fine lines. Due to exposure to environmental conditions and sun, pigmentation and spots also develop. Dark circles and loosening up of skin are also signs of aging.




Laser skin treatment basically involves peeling of skin layer by layer. A high intensity beam is focused and it is extremely accurate. This beam vaporizes the skin precisely, layer by layer to treat skin issues.


Ablating the layers will result in clearer and blemish free skin. This is because, during the healing period, new cells are born that give the skin a much younger look and feel and better surface finish.


Laser Resurfacing


One of the most common procedures is Laser Resurfacing. It is mainly to correct age related facial issues. The focused beam removes the irregular skin layers and gives you a smooth finish. Post healing, you can see that the new skin gives you a much younger glow and tighter skin.

This treatment removes wrinkles and fine lines. Tightened and brighter skin is a result of the laser beam precision.


Types of lasers


Cosmetic purpose lasers are broadly classified into two types based on their working mechanism, namely- ablative and non-ablative.


Ablative lasers as the name suggests eliminates layers so that the healing procedure forms smooth and younger looking skin. Non-ablative lasers do not destroy the tissues but only heat the targeted cells for desired results.


Ablative Lasers


To fight intense signs of aging like scars, deep set wrinkles, sagging skin and warts, carbon dioxide laser treatment is used.


Erbium laser treatment is used for aging patters like fine lines, sunspots and pigmentations that are not very intense.


Non-ablative Lasers


These lasers are used for treatments like hair removal, very fine age lines, stretch marks and mild pigmentation.

Non- laser methods


Treatments like infrared light and intense pulsed light techniques can also be used for elimination of mild to moderate signs of aging.


Results of laser treatments


Laser skin treatment removes unwanted hair and scars. Along with this, it eliminates signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, age spots and dark circles.


Laser also corrects damage done by environmental conditions like sunspots, uneven skin coloration and dry skin.

Tips for Maintaining Your Tiles

While you be one of those people who does not overlook the task of cleaning the floor tiles, you need to also make sure that you are cleaning them at regular frequency or as required as well as the kind of cleaning solutions you are using to clean them in order to ensure that your tiles from a tiles supplier in Singapore look good. Here are some of the tips that will come handy in order to maintain your tiles.

In order to prevent the tiles from getting damaged, practice the following guidelines.


  • It is better to test the sealants and the powder on a smaller, less obvious prior to using them on the entire floor.
  • After installing the tiles, a sealant must be used on the grout joints.
  • Once you have cleaned the floor, it should be rinsed well with clear water so that any residue that remained after applying a cleaning solution is removed properly.
  • The tile should be cleaned with a sponge mop. Wet it slightly and then use a detergent, which is soapless using warm water.
  • In case you are using a cleaner, you need to ensure that the clear you have chosen is specially made for cleaning the kind of tile.
  • If the concentration of the soil is more and the tile used is made of ceramic, use a cleaner exclusively made for cleaning a ceramic tile.


  • You should always remember not to use soap while cleaning the tiles as it can leave so mark behind making the floor look dull and promote the growth of mildew.
  • Stay away from any ammonia-based or acidic cleaner since they can affect the grout’s color. Moreover, earn you used avid-based cleaners, your oils he’d marble tiles can look dull.
  • Avoid using vinegar and water or bleach. Remember that vinegar is also an acid.
  • Stone and the grout need different kinds of maintenance. You need to treat and clean those surfaces quite differently. So, do your homework before doing a DIY project.
  • Pads made from steel wool or any other type of abrasive on stone or tile should not be used on your tiles floors. When steel or loose particles remain on the grout, they can lead to rust stains.

Thus, though the easiest ways to clean your tiles floors are mopping and sweeping them regularly, there is much more that can be done to maintain them well. So, if you want your tiles floors to sport a long-lasting shine follow these tips and see the difference.


The 8 things you need to know about Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Why Laser skin treatment?

It has been proven over the years that laser skin rejuvenation in singapore helps to reduce wrinkles, blemishes on the skin, age spots and helps to maintain the tone of the skin and tightens the skin. There are many techniques of carrying out laser skin rejuvenation. The two broad categories are ablative and non-ablative. Before opting for a laser skin rejuvenation, we often do some research to find out which method of laser skin treatment is best for our desired results. Even a very preliminary research can overwhelm you with so much information that you might feel intimidated.

Things to know about laser skin rejuvenation:

Here are the eight most common things that you must know about laser skin rejuvenation before you opt for the treatment:

  1. The time when you do the laser treatment makes a lot of difference: autumn is known as the laser season. This is because the skin becomes extra sensitive to exposure to sun till about a year after the treatment is done. Thus many surgeons opt for autumn or winter as during these seasons, daytime is shorter.
  2. It might hurt while laser treatment: it has been describes by many that the sensation felt during laser treatment is like a rubber band snapping against the skin. But pain is subjective and how much pain a person feels depends on his or her tolerance level, the area of skin being treated and the laser being used.
  3. Darker skin does not mean you cannot have laser treatment: there is a myth that laser treatment is only meant for people with a lighter skin tone. Certain lasers can cause skin damage to darker skins, but in general there are no dangers.
  4. A lot depends on the doctor: how skilled the doctor is who is performing the laser can make a lot of difference. An experienced doctor can make miraculous improvements in the skin.
  5. Certain conditions determine how the kin reacts to laser: it is always better to let your doctor know about your medical conditions before the treatment begins. If you are under acne medication it can delay the healing.
  6. Different lasers for different skin types: as per your need and skin type, there will be a laser that will be suited for you.
  7. Planning a series of treatment: plan from beforehand if you are going for non-ablative laser that require series of laser treatment.
  8. Down time is needed: you need to give yourself enough time to recover after the treatment. The amount of downtime required depends on the type of laser treatment.