Why Mosaic Tiles Are so Popular?


Ancient Romans and Egyptians used mosaic tiles, which are small squares, made of ceramics for decorating their villas and temples to produce a great effect. But even today mosaics have been a contemporary design trend for people’s homes. Any modern kitchen or bathroom can be hardly visualized without the use of mosaics.
The use of mosaics has been a secret weapon for the interior designers. Just as an exquisite mirror adds interests and shaped to a certain space, hundreds of small metal and glass mosaic tiles can play and bend with light, producing a bouncing effect of adding a lovely texture. While tiles made from other materials are quite flat, metal mosaics add the interesting play of light and texture to enhance the appeal of a boring surface.
There is a great likelihood of you using mosaic to create a splashback in your kitchen or highlight your bathroom. In make it even simpler. You can use mosaic tiles on relatively compact surfaces since you can experiment with design, color, and texture there.
Metallic tiles
For instance, nickel mosaic tiles can create an attractive splashback against cabinets of varying colors when you use them as a neutral. On the other hand, a bronze mosaic tile is trendy for metallic such as copper and brass. So much drama can be added to a mundane place by the metallic and is expected to remain in high demand in 2017 as they find last year.

What are the reasons for the increasing popularity of mosaic tiles?
Mosaic tiles have an ability to play to your senses. When you use mixed mosaic tiles from a good mosaic tiles supplier in Singapore, you will get to different textures for both your eyes as well as your fingertips. Tiles made from mosaic are extremely tactile and also offers a host of design choices. Moreover, mosaic tiles are apt for a contemporary appearance. They are practical to clear obstacles so that a seamless and clean silhouette can be maintained.
An element of intrigue can be added by metallic mostly because these materials are not traditionally associated with tiling. Use of horizontally brick shaped tiles can also rate your space. Alternatively, you can also run tiles diagonally for adding interest. Something is definitely there in metal mosaics, which can transform any type of splashback into an interesting piece of art.
But why are mosaic tiles so much in demand? These tiles are easy to clean and are durables mosaic tiles are a sustainable and green choice and can resolve tiling issues, which the other bigger tiles are not able to tackle.
Moreover, they also provide an opportunity to dazzle your eyes with so many variations in color and texture so that both appeal and interest can be created.

Pre and Post BOTOX Care

There are certain side effects that are associated with choosing to undergo BOTOX procedures. There are a few simple procedures that you can remember and follow before and after a procedure for Botox jaw reduction

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Refrain from consuming alcohol at least a whole day before you opt for this procedure.

Avoid any sort of medication that is primarily for inflammation or thinning of blood as these medications can cause bruising at the injection site.

Make sure that any special occasions such as weddings or vacations are not anywhere close to the date of getting the BOTOX procedure done. It is important that there is a gap of almost 2 weeks between the BOTOX appointment and the special occasion. In the case of bruising of the injection site, this can take even longer to heal. Those people who have sensitive skin that is more prone to bruising should make sure that this gap is at least 4 weeks.

It is important to stop the use of Retin-A 2 days before the treatment and also 2 days after the treatment.

If you have a cold, rash or blemish on the area of the procedure reschedule it the appointment at least for 24 hours.

If you are a person who continually suffers from cold sores make sure that you ask your doctor for antivirals before the procedure.

Always remember to have a hearty meal before you go into any sort of procedure so that you do not feel lightheaded during the treatment of your choice.

Those women who are pregnant or those who are breastfeeding their babies should not use BOTOX

Post-BOTOX treatment

Avoid manipulating the area of the injection for 3 hours after the treatment.

Do not opt for other treatments such as facial/laser or microdermabrasion at least 10 days after getting BOTOX injections.

Sometimes the persons who provide you with these services will ask you to smile and frown right after the treatment as they believe that it will help the BOTOX go deeper into the muscle in which it was injected.

Lying down within 4 hours of the treatment will not allow the BOTOX to track into the eye orbit and may cause a drooping eye.

The time period within which you can see the result is 4–7 days. If you didn’t receive the desired results you may have to go for touch-up sessions to inject additional product.

Avoid any activity that will involve heavy lifting, vigorous exercise or strain for at least 6 hours following the surgery.

The Facial Treatment for You

At IYAC, the most prominent aesthetic and anti ageing clinic of Singapore, you can choose from a large number of facial treatments. One of the best clinics for facial treatments in Singapore, IYAC offers a number of peels and facials that can restore the youthful look of your skin. Patients can choose to go for them as standalone treatment or can combine them with laser treatment for more visible results.

At IYAC, you can choose from 5 different kinds of facial treatment depending on your skin condition and preference. Let’s take a quick look at the different facial treatments in Singapore you can avail.

Ultimate Anti Ageing facial: This facial is recommended for people with all kinds of skin including sensitive, acne prone, dehydrated, open pore, pigmented and dull skin. This plush and relaxing facial treatment comes with optimum anti ageing and skin rejuvenation benefits. If you are looking forward to looking a few years younger overnight then make sure to go for the Ultimate Anti Ageing facial treatment at IYAC. You will get clear, radiant, supple and healthy skin almost instantly without any invasion or surgery. Ideally, you need to go for this treatment at least once a month.

Collagen Boost treatment is another kind of facial that comes with anti ageing and skin rejuvenation benefits. The production of collagen greatly boosts the process of rejuvenation. You will see visible results after just one treatment. This treatment is ideal for people who want to rejuvenate their skin without making use of fillers, Botox or lasers. This facial treatment should be done once a week in 6 sessions. Ideally, you should leave a one-month gap after 3 sessions. After the initial 6 sessions, you need to go for a session every one or two months alternatively.

O2 Intraceutical Facial: Popularized by Madonna, this oxygen facial is now a popular facial treatment option for many urban working women. Within just one session, you will get visibly firmer, younger, radiant and hydrated skin. People with dull, dry and open pore skin should opt for this treatment. After the removal of the dead cells of your skin, some of the most potent serums (like antioxidant booster, vitamin c booster, vitamin A booster etc.) are infused into your skin surface. If you are looking forward to lasting results then make sure to go for the 6-session package at IYAC.

Clear skin facial is a must for anyone with melasma, scarred and acne prone skin. This facial treatment will even out your skin tone, lighten the blemishes and enhance the healing capacity of your skin. This simple and easy facial treatment that comes with zero side effects should be done once a month for 6 months at a stretch.

Customized Facial: This is a customized facial treatment for those people who are not sure of their skin requirements. Patients with specific requirements like pregnancy facial, teenager facial, sensitive skin facial and gentleman’s facial can also avail this treatment. A session of customized facials is sure to make your skin look visibly supple, firm and fresh.

Oxygen Intraceutical Facial For Beautiful Skin

Similar to the fact that oxygen is the prime component in deciding our survival, it is also essential to rejuvenating dull and ageing skin, which helps in clearing wrinkles and fine lines. Oxygen facials are popular for nourishing the skin using a stream of pressurized oxygen. This hydrates the skin immediately and makes it appear smoother and plumper. Oxygen Intraceutical Facial is more than a facial and can deliver unbelievable results to your skin. In this post, we will understand the various signature treatments that fall under intraceuticals and how it is different from the normal oxygen facial. Keep on reading girls!

What is different in an Oxygen Intraceutical Facial?

Unlike in simple oxygen facials which atomize or spray oxygen to the skin, intraceutical facials make use of therapeutic oxygen to infuse a special serum onto the skin, which consists of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This is a complete and balanced treatment which includes exfoliation, hydration and oxygen infusion. Unlike in other oxygen facials, it not only rejuvenates the skin but also energizes the skin cells to help them fight against bacteria. This particular facial helps the skin in retaining the moisture so that the skin looks beautiful forever.

As discussed previously, Oxygen Intraceutical Facials are unique as they provide instant results. It makes the skin look radiant and fresh and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Here are some of the signature treatments that fall under Oxygen Intraceutical Facial:

  1. Rejuvenate: This particular treatment targets premature ageing, fine lines, sagging skin and visible pores. Hyaluronic Acid, which is already present in our skin naturally, is also used in the serum applied for this particular treatment. It gets absorbed in the skin and forms a hydrated layer to seal in the skin’s nutrients which ultimately maximises synergistic effects and rewards you with long lasting results. This proves effective as it creates an invisible barrier against hydration loss and thus improves the results significantly.
  2. Atoxelene: The skin loses elasticity and become shabby and saggy over the years, absorbing out its complete radiance and beauty. It becomes dull and blemish prone. This is when it requires a rejuvenated atoxelene Oxygen treatment, which soothes expression lines and makes eye contour and lips look more defined. This treatment targets expression lines and with this cool and calm treatment, it increases the firmness and betters the volume of the skin. It increases vitality and hydrates the full face by increasing the benefits exponentially.
  3. Opulence: Stressed skin, visible redness, dark circles, excessive pigmentation devitalizes the skin. Opulence treatment under oxygen Intraceutical facial contains a blend of botanical brighteners and concentrated Vitamin C which targets even skin tone. It also contains double concentration of multi-weight Hyaluronic acid for the delicate eye area. It evens the skin tone and removes the wrinkles and sagginess surrounding eyes, making them glowing and attractive!

With these safe and widely accepted treatments, you will see how your skin emerges deeply hydrated, more luminous and glowing with vitality. Go for them and get ready to impress your audience.

Guide to Surgical Lip Enhancement and Filler Application

Lip augmentation or enhancement is necessary when the lips are too thin compared to the facial area, causing a disproportionate appearance. Plump, full lips are very attractive and help to change your looks entirely, bestowing charm and beauty. If you want quality results for your face, it is worth consulting a cosmetic treatment with lip fillers Singapore from a reputed professional cosmetologist.


Who Needs Lip Augmentation Treatment?


  • People with excessively thin lips that almost disappear while talking or laughing
  • Those who experience thinning and contracted lips with ageing
  • People with improper and sagging lip structures


Fillers are the Best Option for Lip Enhancement


There are several reasons fillers have become a widely popular cosmetic treatment option for lip augmentation. The fillers are permissible biocompatible liquids (both natural and synthetic) imparted in the lips with great care to allow even spreading and produce a plump shape. The plump structure remains intact for 4 to 6 months. The exact period can vary depending on the body type and other factors.


Benefits of Using Injectable Lip Fillers


  • The injectable filler treatment is a temporary solution and highly convenient and safe for all clients.
  • The injectable treatment procedure requires only a day for quick recovery, compared to a week of time required in permanent surgeries.
  • Lip fillers contain safe and permissible materials that do not harm the natural tissues or the blood vessels.
  • The treatment is a temporary process and you can get back to the original shape in six months. This is convenient in case you are not satisfied with the new look. After the time gap, you can go for a fresh session with a different shape as you desire.
  • The filler liquid is provided at the cosmetic clinic and does not require anything from your body such as in the case of the fat transfer method.


Early Preparations and Care Measures for the Filler Treatment

There are some pre-surgery measures you need to prepare for treatment process. Even after the procedure, you need to follow some simple instructions. The following is a quick checklist of the necessary measures:

  • You need to quit smoking to allow your body a healing period before going for the filler treatment. The ideal time gap is about six to eight weeks – the more the better.
  • If you are taking any sort of medication, consult your aesthetic surgeon. Some medicines that promote internal bleeding have to be stopped before the procedure.
  • Regular hydration is important before and after the procedure to avoid lip dryness and contraction.
  • Do not drive your way back home alone after the procedure. It is convenient to accompany someone trustworthy to the clinic and back home.
  • The doctor may advice a liquid diet for a couple of days for quick and problem free recovery. Follow all the instructions provided by the cosmetic surgeon to avoid complications.


Some Parting Words


Some people experience a gradual thinning lip line with ageing due to dryness and severe contraction. There are multiple surgical and non-surgical lip enhancement procedures available to provide desired results such as lip implants, vermillion advancement, lip lifts etc. The high quality natural or synthetic lip fillers stay intact for months for problem-free results with little care.

Treatment for Heavy Sweating – Antiperspirants

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a challenging health condition as it becomes embarrassing for the person to step out in public. As treatment results vary from person to person, it is difficult for general doctors to advice suitable medication for the problem, though experienced dermatologists can advise better treatment techniques. People also use armpit shields and leather shoes with special soles to absorb excessive sweat during summer season. One way to avoid sweat marks on clothing is to wear natural fibers like cotton instead of rayon or nylon.

heavy sweat treatment


Antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride are also first line method that is commonly used for hyperhidrosis treatment as these plug the sweat glands over a period of time. A person suffering from hyperhidrosis should apply the antiperspirant before sleeping and then clean the areas where the antiperspirant has been applied with water in the morning. Try to avoid using soaps or body washes in that area as it can lead to itching or skin irritation but remember to use moisturizer on a regular basis.

Over the counter antiperspirant

Antiperspirants that are bought over the counter sometimes may not contain sweat blockers like aluminum salts and are therefore useless for treatment of the sweating problem. So it is best to ask the doctor for a medicated antiperspirant and purchase that from local medical store for the problem. Regular antiperspirants that contain deodorants are not absolutely wasteful either as these can help to control the body odor from sweat that makes it easier for the affected person to move around in public places without people casting uncomfortable looks.

Essential body parts for application of antiperspirants

People suffering from hyperhidrosis generally tend to sweat from armpits, feet, hands and even the head when the weather is very hot and humid. During these times it is best to apply antiperspirant cum deodorant containing aluminum chloride to armpits, hands, feet and also the hairline before going to bed to keep body dry during the night and day. Always apply antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride on clean and dry skin as application on wet skin can lead to skin irritation and rashes. For heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis treatment never apply these antiperspirants on skin that has rashes or irritation or is broken with cuts and also on recently shaved areas.

Patients suffering from heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis can also try to change clothes more often and maintain skin hygiene by taking bath at least a couple of times each day that can keep them free of body odor and stickiness related to sweat.