Guide to Surgical Lip Enhancement and Filler Application

Lip augmentation or enhancement is necessary when the lips are too thin compared to the facial area, causing a disproportionate appearance. Plump, full lips are very attractive and help to change your looks entirely, bestowing charm and beauty. If you want quality results for your face, it is worth consulting a cosmetic treatment with lip fillers Singapore from a reputed professional cosmetologist.


Who Needs Lip Augmentation Treatment?


  • People with excessively thin lips that almost disappear while talking or laughing
  • Those who experience thinning and contracted lips with ageing
  • People with improper and sagging lip structures


Fillers are the Best Option for Lip Enhancement


There are several reasons fillers have become a widely popular cosmetic treatment option for lip augmentation. The fillers are permissible biocompatible liquids (both natural and synthetic) imparted in the lips with great care to allow even spreading and produce a plump shape. The plump structure remains intact for 4 to 6 months. The exact period can vary depending on the body type and other factors.


Benefits of Using Injectable Lip Fillers


  • The injectable filler treatment is a temporary solution and highly convenient and safe for all clients.
  • The injectable treatment procedure requires only a day for quick recovery, compared to a week of time required in permanent surgeries.
  • Lip fillers contain safe and permissible materials that do not harm the natural tissues or the blood vessels.
  • The treatment is a temporary process and you can get back to the original shape in six months. This is convenient in case you are not satisfied with the new look. After the time gap, you can go for a fresh session with a different shape as you desire.
  • The filler liquid is provided at the cosmetic clinic and does not require anything from your body such as in the case of the fat transfer method.


Early Preparations and Care Measures for the Filler Treatment

There are some pre-surgery measures you need to prepare for treatment process. Even after the procedure, you need to follow some simple instructions. The following is a quick checklist of the necessary measures:

  • You need to quit smoking to allow your body a healing period before going for the filler treatment. The ideal time gap is about six to eight weeks – the more the better.
  • If you are taking any sort of medication, consult your aesthetic surgeon. Some medicines that promote internal bleeding have to be stopped before the procedure.
  • Regular hydration is important before and after the procedure to avoid lip dryness and contraction.
  • Do not drive your way back home alone after the procedure. It is convenient to accompany someone trustworthy to the clinic and back home.
  • The doctor may advice a liquid diet for a couple of days for quick and problem free recovery. Follow all the instructions provided by the cosmetic surgeon to avoid complications.


Some Parting Words


Some people experience a gradual thinning lip line with ageing due to dryness and severe contraction. There are multiple surgical and non-surgical lip enhancement procedures available to provide desired results such as lip implants, vermillion advancement, lip lifts etc. The high quality natural or synthetic lip fillers stay intact for months for problem-free results with little care.

Radical Flooring Idea for Modern Homes

Dark elements add a hint of drama when used in the interiors, especially on a large scale. Choosing dark colors is tricky — a wrong shade can make the house appear narrow and the right one plays a trick similar to mirrors by creating an illusion of space. Suppliers of floor tiles in Singapore agree that dark floors although radical is the trend of the future.

Choices in dark floor types

  1. Wood: There is nothing as warm and inviting as wooden floors. Dark tones of wood panels, when used as flooring, creates an environment which is elegant and luxurious. Wooden floors are easy to maintain, they are perfect for winters and summers and if you decide to move out, the planks can be uninstalled and moved to the new place. The main disadvantages of wooden flooring are that there are high chances of rotting under humid conditions and mark easily.
  2. Vinyl: If variety is what you seek, you needn’t look beyond vinyl. As more designers are incorporating vinyl flooring into their work, the quality of the tile available is improving. Vinyl tiles increase the value of homes because of the outlook they present. These multi-utility tiles are non-porous, can be placed onto any surface and stain removal is easy.
  3. Marble: Marble is the strongest natural stone, which makes it the perfect pick for flooring. Instead of sticking to safe shades of white, experiment with darker marble shades like brown, gray and black to create a unique look. The advantages of installing dark marble flooring are removal of spillage becomes easy, and the look created is so beautiful that a carpet needn’t be added to enhance the attractiveness of the living room.
  4. Ceramic: Another material which is sturdy and can last forever is ceramic. These tiles are as popular today as they were in the past. They are now available in dark colors especially ash gray. Ceramic tiles are fire and water proof, offer a wide variety of choices; they don’t get damaged easily and are perfect for humid weathers.

Radical floor designs are created not with astounding materials but by picking out distinctive design elements from the available sources. You needn’t turn the hallway floor into an aquarium to fabricate a radical look; simple changes like the color of the floor will get the job done.

Essentials Of Wall Cladding

From an exterior design perspective, wall cladding ensures that the building is protected from the elements. Aside from this basic fact, it also adds aesthetic value. Most often, the material used to keep the structure strong is not the same material used for the walls. To renovate a building, you need to know what you are getting yourself into before going down this road.

The first criterion — renovation costs more if you are going the whole nine yards. The company has a series of ideas and suggestions under their belt to get you on the right track. Here are some of the essentials that the wall cladding Singapore company provides.

worlds-first-biobased-facade-5-571x400There is nothing like owning a home, but over time it tends to look dull and faded. To keep it in check and with a dash of color you can change the appearance. Keeping the elements out is one of the main factors where exterior cladding comes into play. Fixing of the material must be done so that it works as a preventive measure from water buildup and sludge formation. With good quality products that are not necessarily high end, you can have yourself a new look without it being over your budget.

Fixing up a house is usually what most people opt for when they need to add a spin to the place. Wall cladding in the interior belt of the home definitely brings out the best in the house. The essential here is to make sure that you do not go overboard with the theme. For example, if you own a small flat and need to upgrade it to look rustic like a bigger house, you cannot go with the same theme. You can use a portion of the cladding in a certain spot and let the rest of the apartment speak the story. In simple terms what is suitable for a big building is not ideal for a smaller one and vice versa.

The wall cladding Singapore company ensures that they deliver on their promises based on the needs of their various clients. Buying good products must be objective for everyone desirous of changing the landscape of her/his house. Naturally, this costs money, and if you want something different, you have to be willing to pay more for the design. There are ways to get the best for your home without being bullish but just going with your gut instinct.

How to Choose Curtains for Your Home?

Your home is where you spend half your day and sometimes, your entire day. So the way you design and decorate your home should make you feel comfortable and create a sense of warmth and well-being.

Curtains can play a huge role in making or breaking a room. Depending on how you like to design your home or a particular room of your house, the curtains should ideally match the color of the rugs, carpets, and wallpaper Singapore. Choosing curtains whose color is a complete contrast to the other colors in the room can have a very glaring and harsh effect.

There are two important things to look out for while choosing curtains for your home – color and fabric. With the endless varieties of color and fabric and texture available in the market, it can be hard to not get carried away with all the choices. But it is important to keep in mind the overall design and look of the room or house and pick curtains that correctly complement the rest of the room.

Texture – while choosing the texture or material of your curtains, remember the mood of the room. If you are choosing for a formal room like the study or dining room, pick something like velvet or heavy silk, which are great insulators. These textures are easy to clean too (to be dry cleaned only).

If you’re choosing for the living room or bedroom, try to go with lighter and easier textures that are also easy to clean since you’ll probably be cleaning these curtains more often than those in the study or dining room. Practical options include cotton, satin, cotton sateen and silky rayon blends. If you want curtains with a more casual look and feel you can try linen which is also easy to clean or crushed/crinkly velvet.

Cotton and cotton blended curtains work well with any room and give the room a nice, clean and crisp finish. Wool and woolen blended curtains also give the room a nice, rich feel and invokes a feeling of warmth too, especially in the cold winter seasons.

Color – curtains can either blend in with the rest of the décor or furniture or wallpaper or can be a contrast to create a pop. To blend, choose colors that are one or two shades lighter or darker than the wall color or color of the rug. Choosing a bold color can add a wow factor to the room. Colors create moods; blues, calm and cooling, pinks/reds, cheery and reviving, greens, refreshing, and so on.

Prints/patterns – stick to one toned solid color curtains if you already have patterned furniture, bedding or carpeting. Small, neutral prints like dots or paisley can create a subtle hint of energy, spark and style. Large graphic prints are bold and daring.

Treatment for Heavy Sweating – Antiperspirants

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a challenging health condition as it becomes embarrassing for the person to step out in public. As treatment results vary from person to person, it is difficult for general doctors to advice suitable medication for the problem, though experienced dermatologists can advise better treatment techniques. People also use armpit shields and leather shoes with special soles to absorb excessive sweat during summer season. One way to avoid sweat marks on clothing is to wear natural fibers like cotton instead of rayon or nylon.

heavy sweat treatment


Antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride are also first line method that is commonly used for hyperhidrosis treatment as these plug the sweat glands over a period of time. A person suffering from hyperhidrosis should apply the antiperspirant before sleeping and then clean the areas where the antiperspirant has been applied with water in the morning. Try to avoid using soaps or body washes in that area as it can lead to itching or skin irritation but remember to use moisturizer on a regular basis.

Over the counter antiperspirant

Antiperspirants that are bought over the counter sometimes may not contain sweat blockers like aluminum salts and are therefore useless for treatment of the sweating problem. So it is best to ask the doctor for a medicated antiperspirant and purchase that from local medical store for the problem. Regular antiperspirants that contain deodorants are not absolutely wasteful either as these can help to control the body odor from sweat that makes it easier for the affected person to move around in public places without people casting uncomfortable looks.

Essential body parts for application of antiperspirants

People suffering from hyperhidrosis generally tend to sweat from armpits, feet, hands and even the head when the weather is very hot and humid. During these times it is best to apply antiperspirant cum deodorant containing aluminum chloride to armpits, hands, feet and also the hairline before going to bed to keep body dry during the night and day. Always apply antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride on clean and dry skin as application on wet skin can lead to skin irritation and rashes. For heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis treatment never apply these antiperspirants on skin that has rashes or irritation or is broken with cuts and also on recently shaved areas.

Patients suffering from heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis can also try to change clothes more often and maintain skin hygiene by taking bath at least a couple of times each day that can keep them free of body odor and stickiness related to sweat.