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At IYAC, the most prominent aesthetic and anti ageing clinic of Singapore, you can choose from a large number of facial treatments. One of the best clinics for facial treatments in Singapore, IYAC offers a number of peels and facials that can restore the youthful look of your skin. Patients can choose to go for them as standalone treatment or can combine them with laser treatment for more visible results.

At IYAC, you can choose from 5 different kinds of facial treatment depending on your skin condition and preference. Let’s take a quick look at the different facial treatments in Singapore you can avail.

Ultimate Anti Ageing facial: This facial is recommended for people with all kinds of skin including sensitive, acne prone, dehydrated, open pore, pigmented and dull skin. This plush and relaxing facial treatment comes with optimum anti ageing and skin rejuvenation benefits. If you are looking forward to looking a few years younger overnight then make sure to go for the Ultimate Anti Ageing facial treatment at IYAC. You will get clear, radiant, supple and healthy skin almost instantly without any invasion or surgery. Ideally, you need to go for this treatment at least once a month.

Collagen Boost treatment is another kind of facial that comes with anti ageing and skin rejuvenation benefits. The production of collagen greatly boosts the process of rejuvenation. You will see visible results after just one treatment. This treatment is ideal for people who want to rejuvenate their skin without making use of fillers, Botox or lasers. This facial treatment should be done once a week in 6 sessions. Ideally, you should leave a one-month gap after 3 sessions. After the initial 6 sessions, you need to go for a session every one or two months alternatively.

O2 Intraceutical Facial: Popularized by Madonna, this oxygen facial is now a popular facial treatment option for many urban working women. Within just one session, you will get visibly firmer, younger, radiant and hydrated skin. People with dull, dry and open pore skin should opt for this treatment. After the removal of the dead cells of your skin, some of the most potent serums (like antioxidant booster, vitamin c booster, vitamin A booster etc.) are infused into your skin surface. If you are looking forward to lasting results then make sure to go for the 6-session package at IYAC.

Clear skin facial is a must for anyone with melasma, scarred and acne prone skin. This facial treatment will even out your skin tone, lighten the blemishes and enhance the healing capacity of your skin. This simple and easy facial treatment that comes with zero side effects should be done once a month for 6 months at a stretch.

Customized Facial: This is a customized facial treatment for those people who are not sure of their skin requirements. Patients with specific requirements like pregnancy facial, teenager facial, sensitive skin facial and gentleman’s facial can also avail this treatment. A session of customized facials is sure to make your skin look visibly supple, firm and fresh.

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