Why You Must Choose Ceramic Tiles Over Marble Tiles


In an era where interior designing is as important as the success of a company, been informed about the latest styles are essential. As the number of material used for tiling houses and office spaces is increasing drastically, been confused about the different types of tiles material is more common than you think. Kitchen tiles have provided great supply to the high demand for ceramic tiles.


Being traditional is not wrong, but newer options must be tried before making a decision. Some of the reasons why you must choose ceramic tiles over marble tiles or any other type of tiles can be based on these aspects.


  1. As ceramic tiles are famous for their toughness, durability is ensured. They have high resistance to heat and water. This helps keep the tiles intact for a long period of time, increasing its lifespan.
  2. Simplicity for the installation is a compelling thought you must give after the purchase of the tiles. You need not hired expensive, professional person to install it for you. Marble tiles, on the other hand, require a professional manual labor.
  3. Marble tiles tend to get cracks along the gaps between tiles which are sealed with cement or other joining materials. This requires periodic sealing of such gaps from further hampering the installation.
  4. Marble tiles can easily chip or have scratches on the surface. Due to the tough property of ceramics, it cannot be cracked. In ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles do not show discoloring when the tile chips. Re-installation is highly unlikely in the case of ceramic tiles. In the minor chance of such an incident, ceramic tiles can be replaced without destroying the complete installation. While uprooting a broken marble tile, chances of damaging the adjacent tiles are possible.
  5. The maintenance for ceramic tiles is low and easy as compared to marble tiles due to the glazed coat on the ceramic tiles. It is easy to wipe, sweep or even vacuum on a daily basis. Easy cleaning is the way to go for tiles where the most attention is required tin keeping it spike and span.
  6. Long-term returns – Tiles are an investment which you put great thought into while making a purchase. Due to the vast variety of shapes, sizes, and quality of ceramic tiles, it is sometimes discouraging if the price is a bit out of range. It is still cost effect than marble tiles. You may see it as an immediate problem but with an investment in this type of tiles, you are sure to enjoy the long term value it stands to add to your property.


Ceramics are one of the most preferred tiles in the market. With all the positive reviews to back it up, you can be assured quality home d├ęcor for your household.

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